Not everybody likes statistics … but we all enjoy looking at a good graph.

  magic5 have been working with ClicData to display results collected on-site in a graphical form. Give your customers and managers a login so you don't have to prepare your periodic reports. Data is usually based on released reports so you can sanity-check the figures first if you like. Detailed data can be gathered

Rolling out a new tyre fitting company

We are pleased to have got another tyre fitting company up and running this month. Using ideas developed a few years ago with an existing customer, we got them working on the same day that they phoned us so that the on-call operative could log jobs during the night.  We spoke

Manage allocated jobs for each day

magic5 has lots of ways of viewing jobs or visits.There are planners, schedulers and lists ... some are included off-the-shelf, some are easily set up, and some are tailored to meet a specific need. Some are date-ordered lists, some are desk-diary-style, some show attachments or returned forms.  Some show completed jobs,

Seeing as much as possible…

Knowledge is power when it comes to keeping an eye on all the units you’re servicing, maintaining, and installing. Or maybe you want to see every credential of a member of staff. You might be interested to see what happened on the last 5 site visits. magic5 allows you to see any and

Can magic5 portal be used as a Management system?

We think the answer to that question is yes, absolutely. And if you know what you need that isn't already there, we can make magic5 do it for you. More magic5 users are coming on board with our Sage link, using foreground and background two-way conversion.  This means that information added

Upload on the go!

We’ve been working on lots of extra ways to make filling in job sheets easier for you – the whole of magic5 software is aimed at minimising the amount of time you spend on paperwork, and maximising professionalism and communication between you and your client. On our journeys throughout the years,

Use a picture to guide good practice

Adding images to the device gives extra help to operatives Did you know that an image can be added to the form ?  The user doesn't need to select anything - the image will just appear. This is brilliant for reminders on how to do a task, such as measurement points or

Test for resultValue or resultValueX

To 'X' or not to 'X', that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler testing 'text' with resultValueX To check against the description of an item in a list Or, with resultValue, check just the id And, if it changes, still obtain the required result? Actually, there is no need for drama ... ... resultValueX tests

Two top-tips for Tuesday morning

Two questions I've been asked this week are: how do I attach documents to my jobs, and how do I reactivate or copy a completed job? Both are everyday functions in many magic5 workplaces, and will be documented in the next release of the help text but here is a sneaky

You’ve got messages

We are very excited about our new SMS text messaging function. The original remit was to tell onsite operatives to look at their magic5 app when allocated a job.  Sending it automatically means admin has no extra work, and the device user gets a little nudge. SMS text messaging in magic5 gets

Data Handling Policy

Data handling policy for the magic5 application For the purposes of the GDPR legislation, Cadence Computing Ltd is a Data Processor of data that is contained within the magic5 application. Customers using magic5 are Data Controllers. This document outlines how magic5 handles and processes your data. As a Data Controller, you

Old Reds Staying Up

Old Reds leave it to the last nail-biting minute! It doesn't seem like a year ago that we were congratulating Old Reds on being promoted to National League Two, but it was (Old Reds Go Up).  It took a few months to settle in but they have come back fighting to

Batch up your on-site sign-offs

You're busy and your customers are busy ... ... it is hard to find 10 uninterrupted minutes to sign-off all the worksheets on a large site. Especially when several jobs have been requested on a single site such as: vehicle repair for fleet or rental management snagging lists on construction sites multiple

Create Sage job sheets and invoices on your phone or tablet

    Download your free 30-day trial              Complete job sheets and invoices straight from your phone or tablet with the magic5 for Sage app. magic5 for Sage job sheets allow you to capture: - Products and services used - Customer signature - Photos of work done - Customer order number - Comments - Anything else you want -

Recycle Week & magic5

This week is Recycle Week in the UK, and you may have seen some of the recycling related facts that have cropped up over the weekend and this morning. For example: 480 bottles are used in the average UK household but only 270 are recycled (44%) It takes 75% less

Cookies Policy

USE OF COOKIES We inform you that in this site, we use cookies. Cookies are small, electronic data files which are sent by the website to your browser and are stored in your system’s hard drive, and are used to determine your preferences when connecting to the services of our websites,

magic5 links with Sage

We are proud to have joined the Sage Developer program and are working on a direct link with Sage50 Accounts. magic5 plus Sage make a powerful end-to-end solution As we all know it is perfectly possible to manually export customers and products from Sage and, with a bit of spreadsheet tweaking, import

Sage Link

magic5 is proud to be part of the Sage Developer program and we have developed a connector between Sage 50 Accounts and magic5. magic5 + Sage = a powerful end-to-end solution Customer and product details are copied from Sage to magic5.  They can then be viewed in the magic5 portal and used

Just another manic Monday?

The first day of a new week is a step closer to achieving your goals both in and outside of the workplace. Of course, some of us are feeling a tad groggy after the weekend and the morning commute may consist of being woken up with a fright at every station

30 Tips for accurate Text Entry

With any mobile app, one important consideration is to reduce the amount of text entry. Using tick boxes, drop-down lists etc. makes the app easier and faster to use, and ensures that answers are consistent, coherent and grammatically correct. This benefits everybody: users are happier filling out their “paperwork”; forms are

Old Reds win a place in National League Two

In just 3 seasons, Old Redcliffians have stormed through the South West One league and are now being promoted to National League Two. We proud to be sponsoring them at the ground and look forward to seeing some exciting games next

Time is Money – save on both with magic5

After recently watching a TED Talk about time management (this one here), we got talking in the office, and it got us really thinking... The author of the talk, Laura Vanderkam, discusses how we can manage our free time effectively - but what about our working hours? We have a whole 168 hours

How to avoid spending money on software you don’t and can’t use

At magic5, we work with a huge variety of business sizes, and often find that processes involving change unearth similar challenges. However, there is no 'one size fits all' solution in the business world. Whilst companies may have exactly the same problems, their processes will undoubtedly be worlds apart. This month,


magic5 Document Library gives you all the documents you need, literally at your fingertips. See the product details or learn about using the Document Library. Imagine what you could do with a whole library in your pocket Imagine arriving at a maintenance job, tools in your van and years of experience in your

Document Library Pack

Turn magic5 Professional into a Document Library with this add-on pack. Send workers onsite with all the documents that they need The Document Library contains 'shelves' (and sub-shelves if required).  Each of these shelves guides your onsite workforce to the information that they need. The documents on these shelves are available to ALL

Document Library

magic5 Document Library - your own library of documents in your hand Setting up a Document Library in magic5 isn't difficult, although it may require some concentration if your needs are complicated! Consider the documents that you would like to make available to your workforce.  These might be internal, such as Standard

Totterdown Front Room Arts Trail

Autumn is even more special with the Totterdown Arts Trail ... Autumn is such an exciting time of year!  From Hallowe'en through to Christmas we have special events - Bonfire Night, advent, school nativity, church fairs and family get-togethers.  And, where magic5 lives, you've got the Totterdown Front Room Arts Trail

A Ghoulish Tale

Now that the days are getting colder and shorter, and the murky weather is forcing us all to stay inside, I thought I’d tell you a story for this month’s blog. So grab a cup of tea and a few biscuits (HobNobs if poss.), and get comfy for a little


I love getting new bits of kit to play with and am quite nerdy about reading the ‘before you start’ bit in the User Guide or Help Text.  Why not?  It makes my new phone battery last longer and stops my new fridge getting oil in all the wrong places. When

magic5 links with Salesforce

Our first customer has successfully gone live with a link from magic5 to the widely-used CRM system Salesforce. Just as a reminder, Salesforce is a widely-used online CRM system covering sales, marketing, customer service and business analysis. It’s a very customisable system, allowing clients to create and configure their own special

How we can Help

The magic5 User Guide is a valuable tool for familiarising yourself with how to get the most from magic5.  It includes topics on using the device as well as management tasks in the Office Portal. When all else fails, read the manual! Everyone feels that they should be able to complete tasks

Beating the summer holiday blues

So summer is finally here! Well, at least on a very temporary basis… It’s never clear how long the sun will peak out from behind the clouds, but what we do know is that during the summer months in the UK, we all love to book a week’s break to

Is LinkedIn turning in to Facebook?

Well, from personal experience, I’d be inclined to say yes, LinkedIn is turning in to Facebook. And here is why I think so… When I log on to Facebook, I scroll through my News Feed for about 10 minutes. I see videos of fluffy animals, new recipes, motivational quotes cropped on

Easier than ABC

I had an interesting conversation with one of my prospective customers recently. Cutting a long story short, it went along the lines of: “Handwriting… I need something that will enable staff to write out large chunks of text specific to each of their customers…” “Not a problem – we can set up

Healthcare Cleaning Pack

Turn magic5 Professional into an Cleaning Inspection tool with this add-on pack. Contains: Reporting by room in Word or PDF format. Automatic emailing of PDF report to selected addresses - customise emails Reporting by multiple rooms in an Excel spreadsheet with colour coding as identified in the NHS National Patient Safety

Healthcare Premises Cleaning

Easy-to-use Primary Healthcare Premises Cleaning checklist for GP surgeries, Health centres, Dental surgeries, etc with signatures, comments and photos sent automatically to multiple email addresses.  Brand your own PDF reports and manage customers, users, frequently used phrases and email addresses from your device and online.  View and process reports from

magic5 on YouTube

YouTube has over a billion users. That equates to one third of all internet users in the world. The number of hours people spend on YouTube is increasing by 100% year on year, with 40 minutes being the average amount of time spent watching videos on mobile devices. So why? One

magic5 Add-ons

Enhance magic5 Professional with special features specific to you workplace.  Requires magic5 Professional at £15.00 per user per month. audit and inspection, mobile printing, field service, summary forms, multi-user sign-off, multi-planner

Instant Forms is now live!

We have now launched our Instant Forms app! Exciting times in the world of magic5, as we have been working hard to put together an app that allows you to use the best bits of the software, suited to a smaller business who still need to fill in forms and

Mobile Printing Pack (printer not included)

Print from magic5 Professional while on the move with this add-on pack.  Useful for when an emailed report is not quite what you want, such as: On-site sales orders Waste

Audit and Inspection Pack

Turn magic5 Professional into an Audit and Inspection tool with this add-on pack. Contains: Automatically generated findings and follow-up actions with timescales Calculated audit scores with weighted risk factors Customer login and sign-off facility for follow-up actions Sample templates for duplication and customisation PDF guide on creating your own

Field Service Job Management Pack

Turn magic5 Professional into magic5 Field Service with this add-on pack. Contains: Automated generation of follow-up jobs for re-visits using magic5 workflow engine Multiple graphical planners with drag and drop, colour coding and customisable slots Automated hierarchical interdependent job creation - ie jobs and sub-jobs Sample job sheet template and job definitions that can be


Simple-to-use Confirmation of Verbal Instruction with signatures and optional photos sent automatically to multiple email addresses - yourself, your office, your customer and anyone else who needs a copy. Brand your own PDF reports and manage customers, users, frequently used phrases and email addresses from your device and online. View

Worksheet with Photos

Easy-to-use Worksheet incorporating signatures and optional 'before and after' photos sent automatically to multiple email addresses - yourself, your office, your customer and anyone else who needs a copy. Brand your own PDF reports and manage customers, users, frequently used phrases and email addresses from your device and online.

Proof of Delivery

Simple-to-use Proof of Delivery with signature and optional photo sent automatically to multiple email addresses - yourself, your office, your customer and anyone else who needs a copy. Brand your own PDF reports and manage customers, users, frequently used phrases and email addresses from your device and online.

Goods Vehicle Check

Easy-to-use Daily Vehicle Check for Goods Vehicles with signatures, defect recording and photos sent automatically to multiple email addresses - yourself, your office, your customer and anyone else who needs a copy. Brand your own PDF reports and manage customers, users, frequently used phrases and email addresses from your device

Passenger Vehicle Check

Easy-to-use Daily Vehicle Check for Passenger transportation with signatures, defect recording and photos sent automatically to multiple email addresses - yourself, your office, your customer and anyone else who needs a copy. Brand your own PDF reports and manage customers, users, frequently used phrases and email addresses from your device

Instant Forms – CVI

Download and install magic5 Instant Forms-CVI. Then open and fill in your registration details before selecting New Form and typing in the verbal instruction. Both parties need to sign before the form can be saved and emailed to the registered user. Apply your own logo and contact details for the report

magic5 Add-ons

Create affordable specialist mobile forms with Add-ons to magic5 Professional. The core functionality of magic5 Professional is very powerful and versatile.  However, we know that sometimes you need specialist mobile forms for tasks that are specific to your profession. Examples of magic5 Add-ons Audit and Inspection - specialist mobile forms used for

magic5 Enterprise

magic5 Enterprise is much more than bespoke mobile forms.  From the moment you get in touch our technical team is thinking about the best way to meet your requirements.  Further pre-sales meetings facilitate exchanges of ideas and we will be perfectly open about whether magic5 is the best approach for

magic5 Instant Forms

Simple-to-use forms with signatures, photos, checklists and more sent automatically to multiple email addresses - yourself, your office, your customer and anyone else who needs a copy.  Brand your own PDF reports and manage customers, users, frequently used phrases and email addresses from your device and online.  View and process

A new start with magic5software

Change is a rife at this time of year; new diets, new investments, and new regimes. We are developing our minds, bodies, and lives with the aim to become better people, and what better time to begin than at the start of a new year? Here at magic5, we believe that

All I want for Christmas is a paper free desk

I love Christmas in the office - reps bring in loads of chocolate, Christmas cards are all over the desks, ‘dress down day’ becomes Christmas jumper day and everywhere is full of jokes about who did what at the Christmas party :oops: . Many of us have customers who close

Welcome to the latest addition to the magic5 team

We are very excited to welcome on board Caroline, the latest addition to the magic5 team, whose hands-on experience of administrating a mobile workforce will bring a fresh perspective to our sales and marketing strategies. Her in-depth understanding of the day-to-day issues faced by potential and existing magic5 customers means that

Jatinder Randhawa, Corp Tech Ltd

magic5 software is fantastic.  It helps me record all the data I need, as well as customer's signature on completion of my callouts - much easier and better than filing paper based worksheets.  I recommend it to other people

Mobile Printing Pack

Print orders, certificates, waste tickets or other documents directly from your mobile device with magic5 Mobile Printing. Sometimes it is necessary to print a paper copy of a form whilst on site rather than sending completed forms back to the office to be made available to the customer online or by

Field Service Job Pack

Multiple graphical planners with drag and drop, colour coding and customisable slots   Automated generation of follow-up jobs for re-visits using magic5 workflow engine   Automated hierarchical interdependent job creation   Sample templates can be duplicated and customised magic5 Field Service Pack is shipped with sample templates.  These can be used as they are or can be

Audit & Inspection Pack

Generate findings and follow-up actions with timescales Calculate audit scores with weighted risk factors Customer login and sign-off for follow-up actions Sample templates can be duplicated and customised magic5 Audit & Inspection Pack is shipped with sample templates.  These can be used as they are or can be customised to reflect the way that

Why magic5?

1. Paperwork done and sent to the customer before you've left the site An onsite operative can collect essential information (including photos) and have it signed off and automatically emailed to the client before they have even packed up and left the site. Don't believe us? Watch our two-minute-forty-three-second video - yes, we

magic5 – administrator view

Initial set-up Change as much or as little as you like. Set up your own customers and staff, connecting them together and allocating an appropriate template. Ongoing admin Modify magic5 templates and job definitions to meet your changing needs. Import updated lists such as costings. Add new customers and locations. Manage users

magic5 – the customer’s view

Keeping customers informed Email alerts - automated or optional. Automated reminders for invoicing or outstanding follow-up work. Email professional looking PDF reports. Email Excel spreadsheets including photos. Bulk PDFs for O&M manuals. Marked up drawings. Create login to an online user account. Instant customer access to released reports. Managing customers online

Creating jobs

Job creation is easy with magic5 Single click to create a job. Single click to create the 'next' one. Entry fields tailored for maximum efficiency. Drag 'n' drop planner option available. High visibility of jobs in progress Clear list view of jobs at different statuses Customisable columns for each job definition Powerful filtering Calendar view planner option available. 10+ job

Neil Rush – Managing Director at sts-solutions

The magic5 software has saved our business considerable administrative and professional staff time in the design, building and production of audit reports, which has resulted in improved accuracy, consistency and professionalism of reporting, as well as improved report turnaround for our clients, including restaurant groups such as Nandos. magic5 provide

Andrew Rose, Bioquell

magic5 have provided a professional solution to our systems integration. With an intuitive administration system and a simple application compiler it has enabled a number of systems to be combined. The support offered has also enabled us to develop bespoke add-ons to tailor the system to our exact

John McCormack, Leymac Ltd

It’s nice every now and again, to meet with an organisation that really does go the extra mile to make sure their customers are pleased with the services that are

Tim Sanders, Trace Surveys Ltd

We’ve used magic 5 software for the last 7 years. The software has streamlined our business reporting, job allocation and invoicing. I highly recommend their

Wayne Cousins – Meadowcroft Foodservice

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the excellent service and the help you have given us in setting up the magic5 system. We have found the software to be extremely user friendly and it has assisted us significantly in reducing paperwork and enhanced the professionalism of

Buy magic5 now

Congratulations on deciding to buy magic5 ! You are on your way to a first class mobile and back office system that evolves with your business. Please enter your details and we will be in touch about the best way to buy magic5. Alternatively, download a free trial and we'll convert that into

magic5 Professional

Take control with magic5 Professional Let magic5 mobile forms put you in control of your paperwork, job management and reports. Register for free trial 1. Mobile forms for your mobile workforce Transfer existing paper forms to mobile forms on a smartphone, tablet or PC. With over 50 data entry types you can meet

FAQs – All links

1. Free trial How does the free trial work? Do I need to provide a credit card to qualify for the trial? How long does the trial last? Do I have access to documentation and support on the trial? Can I take advantage of the magic5 Trial and use it

Privacy policy

Cadence Computing Ltd is a Data Processor for any personal information that you enter about other people.  In this case you will become a Data Controller for GDPR purposes, using us as your Data Processor.  Our Data Handling policy outlines what measures we take to keep that data safe, accessible

Terms and conditions

Trading Terms and Conditions of Cadence Computing Ltd These terms and conditions regulate the business relationship between you and us.  By using the Website in any way, or by buying from us, you agree to be bound by them. No person under the age of 18 years may purchase the Software.  We

Report handling

View immediately on completion Reports can be sent automatically once completed on a device. Alternatively, a device user can send them manually when ready. Data items can be marked as mandatory, preventing the final report being sent until they are completed. However, interim reports may still be sent. When received, reports can be e-mailed automatically to

Workflow control

Control workflow Allocate jobs from the office with magic5's back office functionality. New forms can also be started from the device, with no job involved. Use whichever method suits your workflow. Or use both to give you control and flexibility. Managing workflow Create a job with customer details plus other useful information. Allocate a job to an

Form and job designers

Modify or create your own forms Duplicate and amend existing templates Create your own templates from scratch Collect the information that you want Insert new data item types where you need them Move or delete data item types from the template to improve flow Use your wording for input prompts and button text Allow parts of the template

Data entry and data display

Data gathering is easy with magic5 Professional Use job lists created in the office or start forms on-site as necessary. New and amended items downloaded in one click. Forms can be completed without a data connection (once downloaded) in any order and can be completed in one or more stages. Fixed, lookup and calculated

Photos, images and sketches

Photo capture buttons can be added anywhere in magic5,. There is no limit to the number of photos that can be added from a form. Photos are typically used to act as evidence of work done for customers, but are also useful in forms requesting assistance from office users or colleagues. magic5 captures real-time

FAQs – General questions

USING magic5 Professional Which devices are supported? Are there any other device requirements? Can I access magic5 Professional on my laptop, tablet or smartphone? Can I access magic5 Professional when I’m abroad? Do I need to download any software? Do you supply mobile devices? EXISTING CUSTOMER INFORMATION Can I import contacts

FAQs – support & training

Do you offer training? Do you provide online training, webinars etc? Do you offer support? What technical support do you provide? Do I have to pay for support? Where is support coming from? Do you offer training? Yes.  When training we typically "train the trainer", training up key staff who then pass on the training to the

FAQs – data security and transfer

How do I know my data is safe and secure? Can I import data from third party systems? Can I export data that can be used elsewhere, even if I no longer use magic5 products? Can I export data directly into a third party system such as Sage? Can I export data in an

FAQs – using magic5 features

Can I add a magic5 Pack to an existing magic5 Professional system? Can I store documents in magic5 Professional? Can I attach documents to magic5 Professional forms? Can I export data in an attractive and readable format to send straight to my customers? Including my own logo and contact details on the output file? Can you

FAQs – before I buy

1. Free trial How does the free trial work? Do I need to provide a credit card to qualify for the trial? How long does the trial last? Do I have access to documentation and support on the trial? Can I take advantage of the magic5 Trial and use it for nothing indefinitely? Isn't that a

Pre-set choices

In magic5 your device users can select answers from pre-set choices. Drop-down data entry is perfect for long lists.  Arrange the order to show your most commonly used at the top for even greater efficiency. And if your operative can't find what they need in the list, you can allow them to

Text entry

Speed up text entry with magic5's one-touch text snippets, whilst allowing users to modify and add their own wording. In magic5 you can format a text entry field to be: Full screen width or accept the magic5 default with a text entry area of 1 or more lines. The field can

magic5 – the office view

Dispatch jobs Dispatch jobs directly to mobile devices from the office. Include all the information needed for the mobile user to complete the job. Add attachments such as documents, images, maps, diagrams and regulation updates. Dispatch jobs singly, linked for dissemination to a team or set up in a hierarchical

magic5 – the mobile user’s view

Devices Use phones or tablets with supported operating systems. Laptops and desktops can also be used. No data connection necessary to complete the form - just to receive worklists/updates and send completed forms back. Ad hoc forms Initiate forms as required on site. Optional requirements for customer, location and date. Customers

Welcome to our new web site

We've spent so much time over the last few years developing our software and supporting our customers that our own web site has been neglected. Fortunately we're now in a position where our new site is ready. Welcome to the new magic5 software site! We have a new, responsive look and


Please get in touch if you have any questions. magic5 software / Cadence Computing Ltd. Unit 112, Filwood Green Business Park, Filwood Park Lane, BS4 1ET, Bristol, United Kingdom. Phone: +44 (0)117 403

About us

Introducing the magic5 software team magic5 software is the mobile forms application from Cadence Computing Ltd.   Originally formed in 1998, Cadence has mainly focused on magic5 since 2006 and the magic5 software team is dedicated to work with this application. The creator of magic5 is Andrew Sinclair.  Andrew started working with

Explore magic5 Professional

5 functions in 1 app 4 user roles 10 reasons why you'll love magic5 Finish a report in less than 3 minutes Hundreds of users everyday We care about our customers There is already a company like yours using magic5 software Some of our customers were so impressed they bought into the

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