magic5 – administrator view

Initial set-up Change as much or as little as you like. Set up your own customers and staff, connecting them together and allocating an appropriate template. Ongoing admin Modify magic5 templates and job definitions to meet your changing needs. Import updated lists such as costings. Add new customers and locations. Manage users

FAQs – All links

1. Free trial How does the free trial work? Do I need to provide a credit card to qualify for the trial? How long does the trial last? Do I have access to documentation and support on the trial? Can I take advantage of the magic5 Trial and use it

Form and job designers

Modify or create your own forms Duplicate and amend existing templates Create your own templates from scratch Collect the information that you want Insert new data item types where you need them Move or delete data item types from the template to improve flow Use your wording for input prompts and button text Allow parts of the template

FAQs – support & training

Do you offer training? Do you provide online training, webinars etc? Do you offer support? What technical support do you provide? Do I have to pay for support? Where is support coming from? Do you offer training? Yes.  When training we typically "train the trainer", training up key staff who then pass on the training to the

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