A Ghoulish Tale

Now that the days are getting colder and shorter, and the murky weather is forcing us all to stay inside, I thought I’d tell you a story for this month’s blog. So grab a cup of tea and a few biscuits (HobNobs if poss.), and get comfy for a little

magic5 Add-ons

Enhance magic5 Professional with special features specific to you workplace.  Requires magic5 Professional at £15.00 per user per month. audit and inspection, mobile printing, field service, summary forms, multi-user sign-off, multi-planner

Mobile Printing Pack

Print orders, certificates, waste tickets or other documents directly from your mobile device with magic5 Mobile Printing. Sometimes it is necessary to print a paper copy of a form whilst on site rather than sending completed forms back to the office to be made available to the customer online or by

Field Service Job Pack

Multiple graphical planners with drag and drop, colour coding and customisable slots   Automated generation of follow-up jobs for re-visits using magic5 workflow engine   Automated hierarchical interdependent job creation   Sample templates can be duplicated and customised magic5 Field Service Pack is shipped with sample templates.  These can be used as they are or can be

Audit & Inspection Pack

Generate findings and follow-up actions with timescales Calculate audit scores with weighted risk factors Customer login and sign-off for follow-up actions Sample templates can be duplicated and customised magic5 Audit & Inspection Pack is shipped with sample templates.  These can be used as they are or can be customised to reflect the way that

Report handling

View immediately on completion Reports can be sent automatically once completed on a device. Alternatively, a device user can send them manually when ready. Data items can be marked as mandatory, preventing the final report being sent until they are completed. However, interim reports may still be sent. When received, reports can be e-mailed automatically to

Explore magic5 Professional

5 functions in 1 app 4 user roles 10 reasons why you'll love magic5 Finish a report in less than 3 minutes Hundreds of users everyday We care about our customers There is already a company like yours using magic5 software Some of our customers were so impressed they bought into the

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