Document Library Pack

(requires magic5 Professional)

document library

Turn magic5 Professional into a Document Library with this add-on pack.

Send workers onsite with all the documents that they need

The Document Library contains ‘shelves’ (and sub-shelves if required).  Each of these shelves guides your onsite workforce to the information that they need.

The documents on these shelves are available to ALL device users.

Document Library shelves might well include items covering

  • Standard Practice to keep your operations consistent
  • Company Policy gives onsite operatives confidence in unusual situations
  • Health and Safety to improve working conditions for your operatives and creating a good impression at inspection.  Our customers include documents such as:
    • COSHH
    • RAMS
    • PPE
    • MSDS
    • FRA
    • HSA
    • RMR
  • SHE alerts sent out using the magic5 SHE alert app or from the Office Portal  can also be included on a Document Library shelf for future reference.
  • Toolbox talks signed-off at the time of delivery using magic5 Toolbox Talk forms can also be included in the Document Library as a readable resource.
  • Product Manuals can guide workers onsite to choose the best product for the customer.
  • Technical Manuals might contain a more detailed specification.
  • Data Sheets are particularly useful for those working with chemicals or other complex items.  Organise them onto different shelves to improve efficancy and accuracy.

A Document Library can contain a variety of formats.

The following formats* are currently available.

  • PDF is most commonly used format and you can  download Adobe Acrobat quickly and easily if necessary.
  • Videos get the point across efficiently and are an ideal way to show short technical procedures.
  • Images can also illustrate a point effectively.  JPG is the most common format and is output by most cameras and phones.
  • Microsoft Word is less popular than PDF due poor access to viewing software.  However they are easily created by office workers so may be a preferred over PDFs.
  • Microsoft Excel is an excellent way to show lists, such as products or data sheets.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint can also be used to demonstrate procedures or products.  This might be useful in customer-facing situations rather than discussing a document.
  • Audio recordings can also be stored in the Document Library and played back using one of many music apps.  These might be useful for Toolbox Talks or company announcements.

* some formats require pre-installed apps such as Adobe Acrobat or a Microsoft viewing app.

Opening the Document Library
Opening the Document Library
The Document Library opens from the main menu
Selecting a shelf to browse for documents
Selecting a shelf to browse for documents
Tap on a category to see the documents held there
Taking a document off the shelf
Taking a document off the shelf
Tap on the required document to open it on the device
View the selected document
View the selected document
After tapping on the document it appears on the device.
Document 'shelves' seen in Office Portal
Document 'shelves' seen in Office Portal
An example of document shelves as seen in the Office Portal.


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