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Comprehensive management of mobile forms and back office system

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Let magic5 mobile forms put you in control of your paperwork, job management and reports.

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1. Mobile forms for your mobile workforce

  • Transfer existing paper forms to mobile forms on a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • With over 50 data entry types you can meet all the needs of your workforce
  • Millions of magic5 mobile forms have been completed  within a wide variety of industries.
  • Forms can be allocated from the office or selected ‘ad hoc’ on-site.
  • No data connection is necessary while completing the form.  Forms are sent back when a signal is available.
  • Customised data entry improves input speed, data integrity and consistency.
  • Accurate data can be made available onsite, improving the on-site experience for the worker and the customer.
  • Automatically move your forms to their next stage, whether its additional work, counter-signatures, reports, emails or third party software.

2. Job dispatch & management module

  • Create, allocate and manage jobs using the magic5 Job dispatch & management
  • Keep visual control with the drag ‘n’ drop graphical planner
  • Organise your workforce using simple or batch job creation and dispatch
  • Customised job details, with full customer and site details, job information and supporting documents and attachments – no need for mobile workers to visit the office
  • Import jobs from other systems using simple spreadsheets.
  • Monitor outstanding and closed jobs with graphical planners.
  • Automatically generate follow-up jobs.
  • E-mail alerts to users upon job assignment; job details changing; job re-assignment or de-assignment.
  • Filter jobs by workflow status; date range; customer; site; job type and user.
  • Create your own workflow stages to allow office staff to easily see what tasks require completion.
  • Real-time 2-way links to other systems available.

3. Back office form processing portal

  • Immediate access to completed forms for office staff and authorised customers.
  • Filter forms by workflow status; date range; customer; site; form type and user.
  • E-mail alerts to office staff and/or customers.
  • Batch processing of reports for status changes.
  • Customer login options with authorisation filtering.
  • Create branded PDF documents at the touch of a button
  • Export to Excel
  • Create branded Word documents from completed reports
  • Bulk PDF generation combines multiple forms as one output document


4. Workflow engine

  • Automatic e-mails to customers, office staff and users
  • E-mail PDFs, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets
  • Conditional updating of form statuses
  • Rule-based routing of forms and jobs to users or departments
  • Automatically generate follow-up jobs.
  • Real-time 2-way links to third-party or in-house systems
  • Follow-up notifications and job creation for contraventions and other actions
  • Automated creation of order and visit histories

5. Form and Job designers

  • Design mobile forms and job creation screens to send exactly the right details for your operatives
  • Customise off-the-shelf forms or start from scratch
  • You are in full control, whether you create 1 form or 101
  • Built-in template editor gives full access to over 50 types of data entry items
  • Text entry, drop-down lists, dates, multiple choice, dates, times
  • Signature capture, photos, attachments, action buttons, calculated values
  • Built in job definition editor gives full access to over 10 types of job information
  • Create, modify, duplicate and delete as often as you need
  • Include location maps, training documents, policy documents, manuals, product lists and guides
  • magic5 Add-ons are available for specific needs, such as GPS capture, summary forms, extended life-cycles

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