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Exactly what you need hosted in-house or in dedicated server space.

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magic5 Enterprise is much more than bespoke mobile forms.  From the moment you get in touch our technical team is thinking about the best way to meet your requirements.  Further pre-sales meetings facilitate exchanges of ideas and we will be perfectly open about whether magic5 is the best approach for you.  Only when we have a clear way forward will we make a formal quote.

magic5 Enterprise is hosted on your own in-house server or in dedicated space with our UK data centre providers.

What bespoke work have other people had?

  • Expert help creating their bespoke mobile forms from existing paper forms.  Along the way we often find data collection is rationalised and working practices are streamlined as historical items are no longer necessary.
  • Tailor-made reports using powerful magic5 elements such as
    • conditional displays – no need for pointless empty boxes or duplicated information
    • table elements keeping output neat with the power of Microsoft Word ™
    • branding and tailored icons – not just yours but your customer’s as well
    • signatures, including stored user signatures
    • images, photos, sketches included
    • output in Word or PDF formats – or both
    • summary reports
    • fully formatted Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheets with conditional formatting, visibility, calculation, etc.
  • Help preparing spreadsheets for importing complicated lists such as products and customers
  • Preparation of Job Dispatch routines setting up planners, automated workflow and multi-user job sign-off.
  • User training and access to help text and extensive technical documentation.
  • One-off fee plus optional support, maintenance, and server (if appropriate) charges .

The cost of magic5 Enterprise varies greatly depending on your requirements.  The software itself will incur a single payment, and that might just be that.  However, we do recommend that you subscribe to our very affordable support and maintenance service; this entitles you to phone and email help as well upgrades and bug fixes.  In addition, obviously, if your software is hosted on one of our machines there will be ongoing server charges.  Some magic5 Enterprise customers have also incurred minor costs for integration with third party software.

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