magic5 Add-ons

Extend magic5 Professional with specialist mobile forms

magic5 specialist mobile forms
from +£3.00 per user per month

Create affordable specialist mobile forms with Add-ons to magic5 Professional.

The core functionality of magic5 Professional is very powerful and versatile.  However, we know that sometimes you need specialist mobile forms for tasks that are specific to your profession.

Examples of magic5 Add-ons

  • Audit and Inspection – specialist mobile forms used for Food Hygiene and Health & Safety where contraventions need to be recorded with follow-up actions and timescales.
  • Mobile Printing – specialist mobile forms used for issuing tickets on the move, whether for individuals or as business receipts.  The printer is not included.  Please contact us to discuss – we can advise on suitable printers for you.
  • Field Service – specialist mobile forms that automate the assignment of work for a mobile team.  Once set up and allocated by the office team, the job can take on a life of its own with interdependent jobs and sub-jobs and automated follow-ups.
  • Summary Forms – specialist mobile forms used by onsite workers to create weekly timesheets from daily clocking in and out.
  • Multi-user sign-off – these specialist mobile forms automatically require signatures from more than one member of a team.
  • Multi-planner Organisation – everybody loves the drag ‘n’ drop planner in magic5 but imagine if you could have lots of them!  Set up a planner for different job types, different customers, different geographical areas.  Not specialist mobile forms in themselves, but specialist monitoring of  the work sent out to mobile operatives.

So, actually, magic5 Add-ons are additional features that we offer to make magic5 Professional do what you need it to do.  We have already made magic5 Add-ons – your job is simply to tweak them for your company specific needs (such as branding, addresses, wording, etc).  Unless, of course, you want to get more adventurous!

All Add-ons rely on magic5 Professional which is available at £15.00 per user per month.  Add-on costs starts from £3.00 per user per month on top of that.

So get in touch, quoting ADD-ONS, to see what we can do for you today.

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