Workflow control

with magic5 Professional

Control workflow

  • Allocate jobs from the office with magic5’s back office functionality.
  • New forms can also be started from the device, with no job involved.
  • Use whichever method suits your workflow.
  • Or use both to give you control and flexibility.

Managing workflow

  • Create a job with customer details plus other useful information.
  • Allocate a job to an individual or a group of device users.
  • Device user(s) downloads a worklist of jobs allocated to them.
  • Track a job with job status, interim reports and supplementary statuses.
  • Trigger additional jobs automatically using job actions.
  • Reallocate jobs from device (if enabled) or office.
  • Create batches of individually allocated sub-jobs that all need to be signed-off to create a ‘completed’ status.
  • Create summary forms from a number of source forms for display on reports and devices.
  • Drag ‘n’ drop graphical planner is useful for job allocation and time/workforce management.
  • List view for filtering and searching jobs in progress makes workflow highly visible.

Send out information

  • Customer information is sent to the device user.  This might include site access information.
  • Historical information such as service record and last visit dates can be included in the form.
  • Job specific information such as reason for call-out, start and end dates is included in the job definition.
  • Data collection information such as default values and general guidance notes can be included in the form template.
  • Supporting documentation such as latest regulations, training documents and site maps can be supplied as attachments to the job.


View jobs in a list for filtering by date, customer, location, etc


Organise work using a drag ‘n’ drop planner

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