Speed up text entry with magic5’s one-touch text snippets, whilst allowing users to modify and add their own wording.

In magic5 you can format a text entry field to be:

  • Full screen width or accept the magic5 default with a text entry area of 1 or more lines.
  • The field can be marked as mandatory and a default value can be specified if required.  The text can be forced to upper or lower case and a maximum/minium length defined.  This can help guide the device user into entering the correct data, such as a postcode or vehicle licence plate.
  • To further assist accurate data entry, text snippets can be selected from the context menu (default none).  These need to be set up in a list and up to 4 lists can be attached to a single field.
text snippets

showing the context menu (accessed through tap ‘n’ hold) with text snippets awaiting insertion

Forced upper case

the text snippet selected earlier (“Poor”) appears in upper case, as does text typed in subsequently

Text box height & sentence case.

the difference between a 4- and a 1-line text entry field and between forced upper and the default sentence case.

For more text entry ideas, take a look at our blog on text entry 30 Tips for accurate Text Entry.

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