Report handling

in magic5's back-office portal

View immediately on completion

  • Reports can be sent automatically once completed on a device.
  • Alternatively, a device user can send them manually when ready.
  • Data items can be marked as mandatory, preventing the final report being sent until they are completed.
  • However, interim reports may still be sent.
  • When received, reports can be e-mailed automatically to a variety of interested parties.
  • Alternatively, notification e-mails can be sent, saying that the report is available on-line.

Search and filter report lists

  • Standard lists for Incomplete, Complete and Released reports.
  • Supplementary statuses available.
  • Standard text search searches for the required text within the report.
  • Standard filtering on date, customer, location, report name, form type and user.

View and process reports

  • Modify form status.
  • View and edit form data.
  • View, add, edit and remove images.
  • View and create actions for follow-ups.
  • Export lists of reports at their various stages, such as complete, invoice outstanding.
  • Export reports to branded PDF documents making it easy for your customers to read and disseminate.
  • Export to other file formats such as .xml and Excel.
  • Export to 3rd-party products such as Sage (may require magic5 Add-ons).

Reports menu

Sample report list

Risk items highlighted on the report

Risk items highlighted on the report

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