Pre-set choices

with magic5 Professional

In magic5 your device users can select answers from pre-set choices.

  • Drop-down data entry is perfect for long lists.  Arrange the order to show your most commonly used at the top for even greater efficiency.
  • And if your operative can’t find what they need in the list, you can allow them to add items on the device.  Or create an ‘other’ item in your list to display a text entry box for alternative answers.
  • A very long list of items all equally used may be better as a text entry box of list items, ensuring that the operatives know when they have made a correct entry.
  • A short list?  Straightforward yes/no/unknown?  Data entry in difficult lighting conditions or whilst multi-tasking?  Multiple-choice questions are exactly what you need.  Sometimes text is best, but sometimes images that change colour when selected are absolutely perfect.


drop-down list – quick, easy and accurate data entry

text entry of list items ensure operatives know when they’ve got it right

multiple-choice – text and images make decisions simple and clear


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