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image capture with magic5

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Photo capture buttons can be added anywhere in magic5,.

There is no limit to the number of photos that can be added from a form.

Photos are typically used to act as evidence of work done for customers, but are also useful in forms requesting assistance from office users or colleagues.

magic5 captures real-time photos on devices with a built-in camera but can also include gallery or stored photos – either option can be enabled or disabled during set-up.

Restrictions of photo resolution or size can be added to reduce the amount of data being transmitted.

Any GPS location tag data is automatically extracted by magic5 and is shown on the web site as:

  • longitude and latitude
  • northings and eastings
  • a link to a map pinpointing the precise location that the photo was taken

Sketches give valuable context to a detailed photo and can be set-up with parameters such as drawing area and pen size.


images can be attached to customers and displayed to aid operatives onsite


photos can be captured real-time or selected from the gallery

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