magic5 – the mobile user’s view

working on-site with magic5


  • Use phones or tablets with supported operating systems.
  • Laptops and desktops can also be used.
  • No data connection necessary to complete the form – just to receive worklists/updates and send completed forms back.

Ad hoc forms

  • Initiate forms as required on site.
  • Optional requirements for customer, location and date.
  • Customers and templates accessible only to specified users.
  • No data connection required until ready to release completed forms back to the office.

Work List

  • Receive worklist from jobs entered in the office.
  • Customer, location and date are already entered.
  • Additional information may also be available such as site access, maps, contacts and history of work.
  • Specific allocation to a mobile user or team.
  • Optional delegation of jobs to another user.

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