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magic5 user guide help text

The magic5 User Guide is a valuable tool for familiarising yourself with how to get the most from magic5.  It includes topics on using the device as well as management tasks in the Office Portal.

When all else fails, read the manual!

Everyone feels that they should be able to complete tasks without refering to a user guide.  This is a romantic notion stemming from the idea that we should all be geniuses.  The reality is that trying to ‘muddle through’ is time consuming, creates mistakes and frustration, and often results in abandoned tasks.

In this case the magic5 Administrator’s Guide is NOT the answer.  It is a technical document running to hundreds of pages of detailed explanations and we make frequent reference to it.  It is also useful for IT departments and the technologically adventurous, but it is less useful for getting a simple task done.

Happy to help!

An onsite operative or a busy office manager finds the magic5 User Guide more useful.  It shows how to complete forms on a device and explains the basic device menu.

Office Portal users can find step-by-step instructions on setting up their company details  as well as customers and users.  There are instructions on making changes to form templates, job definitions and automatic emails.  Ongoing management covers lists, including setting up cascading lists for powerful and accurate searches.

Helpsheets and video tutorials

Download our helpsheets to find out more about specific topics.  Or visit YouTube for our range of video tutorials.

Has the magic5 user guide covered everything?

We understand that it is sometimes hard to work out the best way to achieve something.  We hope you will find what you need in our user guide but if not, let us know.

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