Field Service Job Pack

Multiple graphical planners with drag and drop, colour coding and customisable slots

Multiple planners are available in the Field Service Pack allowing different teams to be managed independently.


Automated generation of follow-up jobs for re-visits using magic5 workflow engine

Generate follow-on jobs in the work cycle, with optional inclusive or exclusive conditions such as customer or an answer selected on the device (eg ‘follow up required’ answered ‘yes’)


Automated hierarchical interdependent job creation

An excerpt from magic5 help text explaining the concept of sub-jobs – click to see full size.


Sample templates can be duplicated and customised

magic5 Field Service Pack is shipped with sample templates.  These can be used as they are or can be customised to reflect the way that you work.  They can be duplicated and renamed as many times as you need.

PDF guide on creating your own templates

In addition to the templates that come with the Field Service Pack a PDF guide to setting up a template from scratch is also included.

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