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magic5 Document Library – your own library of documents in your hand

Setting up a Document Library in magic5 isn’t difficult, although it may require some concentration if your needs are complicated!

Consider the documents that you would like to make available to your workforce.  These might be internal, such as Standard Practice or Company Policy.  They might be statutory requirements such as Health and Safety documents, or external documents such as pricing catalogues or technical manuals.  Some of our customers add SHE alert and Toolbox Talk documents to their library shelves to build up a comprehensive resource for their workers.  And, of course, impress the HSE auditors.

The documents will, however, be available to ALL workers using magic5 on a device so items containing personal details (eg payslips or HR forms) should not be included.

Do you need more than one shelf in your library?

It depends how complicated your work is and how much guidance your staff need.

A single shelf might contain company policy, a pricing guide or catalogue, one or two technical manuals and your Health & Safety policy.  This would fit nicely onto the screen of most smartphones and is clear for anyone to see what they need.

However, you might have a number of catalogues or pricing guides that would fill up a whole shelf (or smartphone screen) in their own right.  And the same with product specifications and technical manuals.  You might wish to include all current SHE alerts on a shelf of their own plus, maybe, toolbox talks on another.  Company policy and standard practice might have their own shelf, while data sheets might be organised into chemical type or machinery description.

You might also feel that your staff needed guiding to the correct policy or pricing documents using shelves.  Just like a physical library, it is helpful to categorise documents so a member of staff can accurately and efficiently find the information they are after.  This is especially useful in a customer-facing environment.

Now build your library

To create a single-shelf library just add a list entry in the Document Library list in the magic5 Office Portal.  Yes, it really is that simple.  For detailed instructions, PDF help is available here.

To create multiple shelves, start by creating a shelf and then link that shelf to a category in the document library.  It is straightforward but requires some concentration.  PDF help is available here.

Keep adding documents and videos

Although most Document Library shelves contain PDF format documents, most Microsoft Office formats can be used (with appropriate viewing apps installed) as well as videos, images and audio.

Through the magic5 Office Portal, you can keep items up-to-date quickly and easily by replacing them in the Document Library.

Opening the Document Library
Opening the Document Library
The Document Library opens from the main menu
Selecting a shelf to browse for documents
Selecting a shelf to browse for documents
Tap on a category to see the documents held there
Taking a document off the shelf
Taking a document off the shelf
Tap on the required document to open it on the device
View the selected document
View the selected document
After tapping on the document it appears on the device.
Document 'shelves' seen in Office Portal
Document 'shelves' seen in Office Portal
An example of document shelves as seen in the Office Portal.

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