Data entry and data display

with magic5 Professional

Data gathering is easy with magic5 Professional

  • Use job lists created in the office or start forms on-site as necessary.
  • New and amended items downloaded in one click.
  • Forms can be completed without a data connection (once downloaded) in any order and can be completed in one or more stages.
  • Fixed, lookup and calculated data for accurate and up-to-date information on-site.
  • Completed forms can be released immediately or reviewed on the device.
  • Complex automated actions are available from forms, such as re-allocation, new forms and interim reports, e-mail notifications (some of these required magic5 Add-ons).
  • Automated send-back or Send Reports when ready.

Over 50 data entry types

  • Validation and format settings for textual and numeric data.
  • Date and time options including elapsed time for timesheets.
  • Default values and pre-defined text snippets for inserting common phrases.
  • Flexible list selection and multiple-choice that can be displayed as text or image.
  • Tables and matrices (some functionality may need a magic5 Add-on).
  • Photo capture as well as sketches, annotations, GPS locations, and more available as magic5 Add-ons.
  • Signature capture with options to improve the integrity of the image such as mandatory data fields and signature locking.
  • Follow-up actions with timescales.

Display only data

  • Fixed text, such as terms & conditions or disclaimers.
  • Job data such as customer details.
  • Calculated values such as pricing totals.

Actions triggered from the device

  • Customised buttons trigger actions such as new forms, e-mail notifications.
  • Workflow manipulation including copying, delegating, forwarding.
  • Repeat data entry items to expand data collection range for non-standard situations.

Once logged on, a device user will work from this menu


Delivery confirmation sample screen

Entering commonly used phrases


Data entry types that don’t require text entry

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