Form and job designers

with magic5 Professional

Modify or create your own forms

  • Duplicate and amend existing templates
  • Create your own templates from scratch

Collect the information that you want

  • Insert new data item types where you need them
  • Move or delete data item types from the template to improve flow
  • Use your wording for input prompts and button text
  • Allow parts of the template to be repeated if your device users might need to add more
  • Show/hide different items on the device to de-clutter screens
  • Create calcuations that reflect the way you work
  • Use your calculations to decide whether a situation contravenes normal parameters

Job management to reflect the way that you work

  • Duplicate and amend existing job definitions
  • Create your own job definitions from scratch
  • Include data fields that reflect the information that you need to pass to the device user
  • Filter and display lists of jobs according to your own management requirements
  • Allow or prohibit additional documents or re-allocation of work to another operative (may require magic5 Add-ons)
  • Create rules allowing device users to trigger additional jobs while on-site

Maintain your own centralised lists

  • Create lists that support your data accurately
  • Add list attributes such as price, image or documents
  • Organise cascading lists of inter-dependent items such as manufacturer and model
  • Import existing lists, including customers and locations
  • Maintain fixed magic5 lists of customer, location and user
  • Create your own logins with different levels of access, including confidential customer-login
  • Organise customers and users into groups that reflects your customer-base
  • Choose which documents to include in a Document Library (may require magic5 Add-ons)

 Manage ‘deliverables’ your way

  • Collect or use stored customer/user e-mail addresses for recipients, CC and BCC on automated e-mails.
  • Put your own branding on the webpage and reports.
  • Create references (such as job, invoice, quotation numbers) according to your format
  • Create your own output formats, customising webpage reports and PDFs as well as alternative format
  • Show/hide different items on the report

magic5 Help explains everything you need to know

  • Full documentation of every aspect of building a magic5 project
  • Annotated screenshots
  • Extensive glossary
  • Outline of concepts
  • Step-by-step How-to guides
  • FAQs that have actually been asked
  • Source control to keep up-to-date

E-mail and phone support

  • Pre-sales and implementation support
  • Friendly and helpful magic5 support during office hours
  • Reasonably priced magic5 Support & Maintenance contracts

The Adminstrators group comes as standard – the other groups have been added.


List attributes available at present. magic5 Add-ons may be necessary for some items.


A screenshot from the magic5 Help showing list view options.


A screenshot from magic5 Help showing job details being added using a tailor-made screen.

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