Creating jobs

with magic5 Professional

Job creation is easy with magic5

  • Single click to create a job.
  • Single click to create the ‘next’ one.
  • Entry fields tailored for maximum efficiency.
  • Drag ‘n’ drop planner option available.

High visibility of jobs in progress

  • Clear list view of jobs at different statuses
  • Customisable columns for each job definition
  • Powerful filtering
  • Calendar view planner option available.

10+ job field types available

  • Readymade job definitions shipped with magic5 Professional (or add-on Pack).
  • Unlimited use of 10+ job entry field types available.
  • Optional permanent customer attachment to a particular job definition.
  • Tables with 5 columns & unlimited rows collecting text and list entry.
  • Output only information aids data entry integrity.
  • List and date field types
  • Job, quotation and invoice numbers are just a few uses for the unique auto-generated number.
  • Attached documents can be sent to assigned users and, optionally combined with a signed declaration form, will cover many workplace regulations.

Tailor for your own requirements

  • Copy and amend the standard job definitions to suit your own needs.
  • Create your own job definitions from scratch.
  • Mandatory fields.

Actions triggered as the job progresses

  • Automated emails sent at key points in the job lifecycle.
  • Change the status of a job with a single click
  • Create sub-jobs to relate 2 or more distinct jobs or visits to each other.

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