Audit & Inspection Pack

Generate findings and follow-up actions with timescales

Trigger the findings screen by selecting particular answers to a multiple choice question.

Enter additional information using free text or ready-prepared text snippets.

Customise defaults within the form template.

Calculate audit scores with weighted risk factors

Weighted risk factors generating a score on the device (image courtesy of magic5 help text).

Customer login and sign-off for follow-up actions


Follow-up action alerts appear with the report.


Follow up action details accessible from the report. Customer logins enable follow-ups to audits and inspections to be accessed by the person that needs to do the work.

Sample templates can be duplicated and customised

magic5 Audit & Inspection Pack is shipped with sample templates.  These can be used as they are or can be customised to reflect the way that you work.  They can be duplicated and renamed as many times as you need.

PDF guide on creating your own templates

In addition to the templates that come with the Audit & Inspection Pack a PDF guide to setting up a template from scratch is also included.

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