Simple-to-use Instant Form CVI with signature and photo sent to multiple email addresses.

Simple-to-use Confirmation of Verbal Instruction with signatures and optional photos sent automatically to multiple email addresses – yourself, your office, your customer and anyone else who needs a copy. Brand your own PDF reports and manage customers, users, frequently used phrases and email addresses from your device and online. View and process reports from your desk or on the move with the online Office Portal. Add more Instant Forms without downloading additional apps.

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What you get:
* Automatic emails to the registration address plus optional copies for customers and co-workers.
* Date and time stamped signatures.
* Photos for further verification.
* Connection-free form-filling – emails will be sent when a signal becomes available.
* Access to the online Office Portal – in addition to using your app to add branding, customers, users and list items, you can log in to the Office Portal to delete or amend them as well as view and re-process reports.
* Additional users with access rights controlled by you.
* Mandatory/optional flags already built in plus locked signatures for high data integrity.
* Auto-generated reference numbers viewable in lists through the online Office Portal and on the report.
* Suitable for phones and tablets.
* Options to add other magic5 Instant Forms for consistent branding, customers and lists.
* No loss of data when upgrading to magic5 Professional or Enterprise.

What it costs:
* Confirm Verbal Instruction form is free and uses ‘magic5 credits’ as currency within the app.
* Installing the app gives you 20 magic5 credits
* Every month you receive another 30 credits free of charge.
* One credit is used for each saved Confirm Verbal Instruction form.
* Each report can be emailed to any number of addresses entered on the form at no extra charge.
* This means that up to 30 forms can be completed each month absolutely free of charge.
* If more credits are needed they can be bought as in-app purchases.

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