Upload on the go!

We’ve been working on lots of extra ways to make filling in job sheets easier for you – the whole of magic5 software is aimed at minimising the amount of time you spend on paperwork, and maximising professionalism and communication between you and your client.

On our journeys throughout the years, we’ve built a whole job lot of tools; everything from signature capture to vehicle damage diagrams to snagging tools.

One of our most recent developments is for all the construction, maintenance, and installation workers out there; not just being able to annotate a drawing on your phone, but uploading it on the move too.

No need to wait for images and drawings to get added on to the portal or in the office, just take or upload a photo or file when you need an image and get annotating straight away!

Follow the pics below to upload photos or drawings to annotate with the straight line tool, marker, highlighter, or add in your own icons for an extra personalised touch.



And here’s how it can be done with a drawing… The possibilities are endless!


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