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SMS text messaging saying 'Hello' from magic5 software

We are very excited about our new SMS text messaging function.

The original remit was to tell onsite operatives to look at their magic5 app when allocated a job.  Sending it automatically means admin has no extra work, and the device user gets a little nudge.

SMS text messaging in magic5 gets even more exciting

As usual, we at magic5 have been thinking outside the box and have come up with even more solutions.  How about being able to text the location contact to say who the operative is and that they are on their way?  Or the customer’s head office to say that the operative has now left the premises?

How about being able to text job details so the operative knows they need more stock before opening the magic5 app?  Or the onsite address or phone number?

Trigger SMS messages from the report

How about sending an SMS text message to admin to let them know that the job is ready for invoicing?

Or texting the customer contact that their report can now be viewed online?

Or confirming the date of next visit arranged onsite with the operative? Or that a critical result has been recorded?

Text message sent to customer contact from 'your company name' Text message sent to location contact from 'your company name' Text message sent to user from 'your company name'

Calm down … how does it work?

SMS text messaging can be triggered in the same places that emails can be triggered.   In other words, when a job is created, allocated or completed and when a report is returned to the server (complete or incomplete) or has a status change (released to customer, awaiting invoicing, invoiced, etc).

Text messages can be sent directly to one or more specified mobile numbers, or they can be automatically sent to contacts related to the job – customer-wide or location contacts or users.

Messages are sent from within magic5 and show the name of your company.  It is recommended that a phone number is put into the text message if a reply is required.

SMS messages can contain a simple fixed notification or more direct information such as customer, location, site address, job details … anything that is associated with the job or the report.  Obviously, the longer the message, the more it costs so consider setting up Work Lists for extra details without the expense.

That is about it.  Contact magic5 sales for more information about pricing and how SMS text messaging might work for you.

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