magic5 links with Sage

We are proud to have joined the Sage Developer program and are working on a direct link with Sage50 Accounts.

magic5 plus Sage make a powerful end-to-end solution

As we all know it is perfectly possible to manually export customers and products from Sage and, with a bit of spreadsheet tweaking, import them into magic5.

It is also possible to create invoices in magic5, using Word templates and the Awaiting Invoicing status.  With a bit of forethought and setting up, magic5 invoice data can be exported into a spreadsheet for accounting purposes.

However, magic5 concentrates on mobile forms so cannot reproduce the full functionality of a dedicated accounting application like Sage.  By joining forces, onsite work can be seamlessly reported back to customers while creating their invoice and updating their financial records.

Direct link

magic5 links directly with Sage – no interim spreadsheets, fiddling around with columns and headings, and no searching through download folders.

Sage customer and product details are sent directly to magic5 with a single click.  All details are then available on the allocated mobile devices.

Sage Customer list ready for magic5 Sage customer imported into magic5  Sage customer appears on the magic5 device

When a report that requires invoicing arrives in the magic5 Office Portal, it can be checked and sent to Awaiting Invoicing (this already happens in magic5 invoicing systems).

magic5 report ready to be sent for invoicing

When ready to begin invoicing, all the reports in magic5 Awaiting Invoicing are downloaded and Sage creates the usual invoice format, populated with prices, discounts and taxes already set up for that customer.

magic5 report details transferred to Sage for invoicing

At the end of the accounting period, information is already stored in Sage to be processed as usual.

For more information about the magic5 Sage Connector, click here.

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