30 Tips for accurate Text Entry

With any mobile app, one important consideration is to reduce the amount of text entry. Using tick boxes, drop-down lists etc. makes the app easier and faster to use, and ensures that answers are consistent, coherent and grammatically correct. This benefits everybody: users are happier filling out their “paperwork”; forms are

Old Reds win a place in National League Two

In just 3 seasons, Old Redcliffians have stormed through the South West One league and are now being promoted to National League Two. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/oldredcliffians/news/a-proud-moment-1769968.html We proud to be sponsoring them at the ground and look forward to seeing some exciting games next

Time is Money – save on both with magic5

After recently watching a TED Talk about time management (this one here), we got talking in the office, and it got us really thinking... The author of the talk, Laura Vanderkam, discusses how we can manage our free time effectively - but what about our working hours? We have a whole 168 hours

How to avoid spending money on software you don’t and can’t use

At magic5, we work with a huge variety of business sizes, and often find that processes involving change unearth similar challenges. However, there is no 'one size fits all' solution in the business world. Whilst companies may have exactly the same problems, their processes will undoubtedly be worlds apart. This month,


magic5 Document Library gives you all the documents you need, literally at your fingertips. See the product details or learn about using the Document Library. Imagine what you could do with a whole library in your pocket Imagine arriving at a maintenance job, tools in your van and years of experience in your

Totterdown Front Room Arts Trail

Autumn is even more special with the Totterdown Arts Trail ... Autumn is such an exciting time of year!  From Hallowe'en through to Christmas we have special events - Bonfire Night, advent, school nativity, church fairs and family get-togethers.  And, where magic5 lives, you've got the Totterdown Front Room Arts Trail

A Ghoulish Tale

Now that the days are getting colder and shorter, and the murky weather is forcing us all to stay inside, I thought I’d tell you a story for this month’s blog. So grab a cup of tea and a few biscuits (HobNobs if poss.), and get comfy for a little


I love getting new bits of kit to play with and am quite nerdy about reading the ‘before you start’ bit in the User Guide or Help Text.  Why not?  It makes my new phone battery last longer and stops my new fridge getting oil in all the wrong places. When

magic5 links with Salesforce

Our first customer has successfully gone live with a link from magic5 to the widely-used CRM system Salesforce. Just as a reminder, Salesforce is a widely-used online CRM system covering sales, marketing, customer service and business analysis. It’s a very customisable system, allowing clients to create and configure their own special

Beating the summer holiday blues

So summer is finally here! Well, at least on a very temporary basis… It’s never clear how long the sun will peak out from behind the clouds, but what we do know is that during the summer months in the UK, we all love to book a week’s break to

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