Old Reds Staying Up

Old Reds leave it to the last nail-biting minute! It doesn't seem like a year ago that we were congratulating Old Reds on being promoted to National League Two, but it was (Old Reds Go Up).  It took a few months to settle in but they have come back fighting to

Batch up your on-site sign-offs

You're busy and your customers are busy ... ... it is hard to find 10 uninterrupted minutes to sign-off all the worksheets on a large site. Especially when several jobs have been requested on a single site such as: vehicle repair for fleet or rental management snagging lists on construction sites multiple

Recycle Week & magic5

This week is Recycle Week in the UK, and you may have seen some of the recycling related facts that have cropped up over the weekend and this morning. For example: 480 bottles are used in the average UK household but only 270 are recycled (44%) It takes 75% less

magic5 links with Sage

We are proud to have joined the Sage Developer program and are working on a direct link with Sage50 Accounts. magic5 plus Sage make a powerful end-to-end solution As we all know it is perfectly possible to manually export customers and products from Sage and, with a bit of spreadsheet tweaking, import

Just another manic Monday?

The first day of a new week is a step closer to achieving your goals both in and outside of the workplace. Of course, some of us are feeling a tad groggy after the weekend and the morning commute may consist of being woken up with a fright at every station

30 Tips for accurate Text Entry

With any mobile app, one important consideration is to reduce the amount of text entry. Using tick boxes, drop-down lists etc. makes the app easier and faster to use, and ensures that answers are consistent, coherent and grammatically correct. This benefits everybody: users are happier filling out their “paperwork”; forms are

Old Reds win a place in National League Two

In just 3 seasons, Old Redcliffians have stormed through the South West One league and are now being promoted to National League Two. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/oldredcliffians/news/a-proud-moment-1769968.html We proud to be sponsoring them at the ground and look forward to seeing some exciting games next

Time is Money – save on both with magic5

After recently watching a TED Talk about time management (this one here), we got talking in the office, and it got us really thinking... The author of the talk, Laura Vanderkam, discusses how we can manage our free time effectively - but what about our working hours? We have a whole 168 hours

How to avoid spending money on software you don’t and can’t use

At magic5, we work with a huge variety of business sizes, and often find that processes involving change unearth similar challenges. However, there is no 'one size fits all' solution in the business world. Whilst companies may have exactly the same problems, their processes will undoubtedly be worlds apart. This month,


magic5 Document Library gives you all the documents you need, literally at your fingertips. See the product details or learn about using the Document Library. Imagine what you could do with a whole library in your pocket Imagine arriving at a maintenance job, tools in your van and years of experience in your

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