Manage allocated jobs for each day

January 13, 2020

magic5 has lots of ways of viewing jobs or visits.There are planners, schedulers and lists ... some are included off-the-shelf, some are easily set up, and some are tailored to meet a specific need. Some are date-ordered lists, some are desk-diary-style, some show attachments or returned forms.  Some show completed jobs,

Seeing as much as possible…

October 15, 2019

Knowledge is power when it comes to keeping an eye on all the units you’re servicing, maintaining, and installing. Or maybe you want to see every credential of a member of staff. You might be interested to see what happened on the last 5 site visits. magic5 allows you to see any and

Can magic5 portal be used as a Management system?

August 7, 2019

We think the answer to that question is yes, absolutely. And if you know what you need that isn't already there, we can make magic5 do it for you. More magic5 users are coming on board with our Sage link, using foreground and background two-way conversion.  This means that information added

Upload on the go!

April 17, 2019

We’ve been working on lots of extra ways to make filling in job sheets easier for you – the whole of magic5 software is aimed at minimising the amount of time you spend on paperwork, and maximising professionalism and communication between you and your client. On our journeys throughout the years,

Use a picture to guide good practice

March 19, 2019

Adding images to the device gives extra help to operatives Did you know that an image can be added to the form ?  The user doesn't need to select anything - the image will just appear. This is brilliant for reminders on how to do a task, such as measurement points or

Test for resultValue or resultValueX

December 10, 2018

To 'X' or not to 'X', that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler testing 'text' with resultValueX To check against the description of an item in a list Or, with resultValue, check just the id And, if it changes, still obtain the required result? Actually, there is no need for drama ... ... resultValueX tests

Two top-tips for Tuesday morning

August 14, 2018

Two questions I've been asked this week are: how do I attach documents to my jobs, and how do I reactivate or copy a completed job? Both are everyday functions in many magic5 workplaces, and will be documented in the next release of the help text but here is a sneaky

You’ve got messages

June 19, 2018

We are very excited about our new SMS text messaging function. The original remit was to tell onsite operatives to look at their magic5 app when allocated a job.  Sending it automatically means admin has no extra work, and the device user gets a little nudge. SMS text messaging in magic5 gets

Old Reds Staying Up

May 2, 2018

Old Reds leave it to the last nail-biting minute! It doesn't seem like a year ago that we were congratulating Old Reds on being promoted to National League Two, but it was (Old Reds Go Up).  It took a few months to settle in but they have come back fighting to

Batch up your on-site sign-offs

January 29, 2018

You're busy and your customers are busy ... ... it is hard to find 10 uninterrupted minutes to sign-off all the worksheets on a large site. Especially when several jobs have been requested on a single site such as: vehicle repair for fleet or rental management snagging lists on construction sites multiple

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