A new start with magic5software

Change is a rife at this time of year; new diets, new investments, and new regimes. We are developing our minds, bodies, and lives with the aim to become better people, and what better time to begin than at the start of a new year?

Here at magic5, we believe that development is crucial to all walks of life including the workplace, which is why we are continuously improving and augmenting our software so it can be the simplest yet most flexible system out there. Subsequently, we also believe that we offer a product that is fully customisable to work with any situation and fit any purpose, and here are a few reasons why:

Change is opportunity

We currently work with companies in a huge array of industries, so if you’re thinking ‘This wouldn’t work for us, we don’t use mobile devices’ or ‘Making a change would be too hard to implement right now’ it’s more than likely that we’ve dealt with it before. Rest assured that we don’t just hand over a system and expect you to use it, our guidance and support is an important part of your decision to change!

So, imagine…your office is neat and tidy with paperwork all filed away on a hard drive or a server, your operative costs have dropped 30% because you’re not paying them to travel to the office on a daily basis, and your clients are paying their invoices promptly because they’re receiving them as soon as a job is finished. With plenty more reasons as to how magic5software can benefit you financially and logistically, start the change today and give us a call!

Variety is the spice of life

As mentioned, our services are used by everyone, from the sole trader that pops round to service the boiler to the fleet management company that supplies vehicles to some of the biggest clients in the UK. Ever wondered how the largest health and safety companies deal their hordes of paperwork and risk assessments? We are how, and there are not many problems that we cannot offer a solution to with magic5 software.

Development is key

At magic5, we treat every potential customer as our only customer because you are our priority. We are not here to sell a fantastic product and then leave our customers in the lurch, we are a part of the process and we want you to be as interested in our systems as we are – which means you need to know how to use it to its full potential! magic5software has been created to develop with our customers, so if you want to rebrand, readjust, or rejig everything, magic5 will adapt and work alongside your company to ensure peak functionality.

Money certainly does not grow on trees

At magic5software, we offer great value products and support, and we will always ensure that you know exactly what you’re paying for, so there are no hidden costs.

If you want to explore what possibilities a New Year could bring for you, email us or give us a call!

Call us on – 0117 971 2050 or Email caroline@magic5software.com

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