Manage allocated jobs for each day

magic5 has lots of ways of viewing jobs or visits.There are planners, schedulers and lists … some are included off-the-shelf, some are easily set up, and some are tailored to meet a specific need.

Some are date-ordered lists, some are desk-diary-style, some show attachments or returned forms.  Some show completed jobs, or partially completed jobs.

Jobs by Operative, however, shows which jobs have been allocated for a particular day or a period, next working day‘, or a calendar so you can pick your own.

Each panel on the page is dedicated to one operative.  This means a manager can see how the day is going by looking at which jobs have been completed.  A visit can be removed if the customer phones to say the visit is no longer needed, or added if a new call is taken.  If an operative runs out of time, incompleted jobs can be given a new date or assigned to a different operative.

The columns typically show customer, the job type, serial number or similar job detail and job status.  However, headings, or even contents, can be tailored to meet your needs.

Jobs can be added manually or sent across from Sage.  When complete they can be emailed to the customer, with or without review, and sent back to Sage if required.

Or exported to ClicData for management analysis.  Or linked to SalesForce for Customer management.

Possibilities are pretty much endless – contact us at or 0117 4032349 to find out more.

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