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YouTube has over a billion users. That equates to one third of all internet users in the world. The number of hours people spend on YouTube is increasing by 100% year on year, with 40 minutes being the average amount of time spent watching videos on mobile devices.

So why? One could argue that we’ve become more interested in viewing other people’s lives from the comfort of our own home instead of going out and experiencing these things first hand. Others may argue that with the presence of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, we are increasingly more interested in what we think other people are interested in. Your best friend shared a video on Facebook – you will probably like it as well, you watch it, then maybe share it as well to confirm that you are in to the same things. What videos, photos, and links we share is becoming an extension of our personalities.

I, for one, think that YouTube has provided us with slightly more than an extended persona, in that we are really able to broaden our intellect and abilities by watching these videos. I’m not referring to that fluffy duckling cuddling up with Sarah and Marc’s kitten at last year’s BBQ, and I’m definitely not referring to the epic fails of foolish drunks on trampolines at the same party. What really provides us with the opportunity to enhance our minds is the plethora of ‘How to’ and ‘What is’ videos that are online nowadays.

Currently, I’m pretty sure the biggest craze is cooking and nifty DIY tricks to turn your home into a minimalistic chef’s haven. But there is great merit in the tutorials and helpdesk videos. You can learn to build a rocket, study a course in Economics, and even watch what happens when you pour molten fire on your new iPhone.

At magic5, we recognise that not everyone out there is a tech-wizard or a rocket scientist, and we understand the importance of demonstrating a product and its applications. That’s why we decided to empower our users by uploading tutorials of our apps, so that the core elements apps can be clarified and overcome at home or in the office while you’re waiting for your cup of tea to cool down.

With our new releases, there will be a corresponding tutorial alongside our general helpdesk tutorials that cover key aspects of the magic5 system. To view our current tutorials, visit our Youtube page at here.

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