magic5 links with Salesforce

Our first customer has successfully gone live with a link from magic5 to the widely-used CRM system Salesforce.

Just as a reminder, Salesforce is a widely-used online CRM system covering sales, marketing, customer service and business analysis. It’s a very customisable system, allowing clients to create and configure their own special types of data. This is very similar to the way in which magic5 allows the creation of templates and job definitions.

The connection between the two systems is an automatic, two-way and real-time process. Information held on Salesforce (such as customer and contact details) can be retrieved by magic5 and sent to mobile devices. Conversely, information entered through the magic5 app can then be updated on Salesforce. This two-way communication between the systems is crucial in today’s world where when information is required, it is required right there and then, and it needs to be up to date!

The magic5 interface uses the Salesforce “Partner” web service, which means that any of these custom types of data can be accessed and updated by magic5.

Our debut ‘magic5 connector’ went live with its first customer in August and has since been rolled out to the US branch of the same client. This is something we are really thrilled about as generally in the world of Technology, business projects can take a long time to implement. As part of this implementation, we used magic5 to upload 4 years’ worth of historical data. This provided a good test as to how well the data in Salesforce reflected the “operations” side of things, and everybody was excited to see results on both systems matching up!

The link is now ticking along nicely; automatically adding in details of work performed for clients and contacts, and populating new contact information into Salesforce where appropriate. The new information in Salesforce has already highlighted areas for investigation, enabling preliminary answers to invaluable questions such as “we’ve been busy, but have we been busy doing things that lose us money”?

If you use Salesforce and are interested in using the magic5 Connector then please get in touch with any questions. The connector is free of charge for users of magic5 Hosted Edition and those with a support and maintenance agreement for magic5 Enterprise Edition. Due to the nature of Salesforce, there may be development or consultancy costs to implement the connector.

So hesitate no more, and start your twice-as-efficient journey today!

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