Just another manic Monday?

The first day of a new week is a step closer to achieving your goals both in and outside of the workplace.

Of course, some of us are feeling a tad groggy after the weekend and the morning commute may consist of being woken up with a fright at every station stop.

But really, once we get through the hustle and bustle, Mondays are a chance to reengage. For some people, this is about seeing something from a new perspective, through different eyes. For others, this can be about looking forwards not only to the day or the week, but to what the next month, quarter, or even year may hold.

Monday’s are a semi-blank slate to work from, and new developments really can appear from thin air after we’ve had a weekend away from the office.

At magic5, we are big believers in using investment as development tool, which can change a negative, burdening perspective to a positive, encouraging outlook. Investment in the future doesn’t have to be a financial commitment, there are plenty of ways to invest in the short-term that will develop in to long-term benefits.

Let’s say for example, you’ve got a big job looming and you’re struggling to prepare staff, materials, finances, and logistics for it, alongside carrying out your daily duties. What would you do? More than likely, you would invest your time wisely by staying an hour later, or getting in an hour earlier in the morning.

Furthermore, you would be a step ahead in the game to change the processes around you and tweak the way you do things in order to be more efficient. Making a short-term investment looking at the processes you undertake in the workplace can pay off, meaning that extra hour in the office isn’t a necessity.

Some people invest in a more organised future by buying a new diary for the year, others will kick start a healthy eating routine with a clear-out of the cupboards which are then refilled with interesting new foods.

These practices can easily be adopted in the workplace by investing in your environment, workflow, and the people around you. Keeping an eye on levels of paperwork, work in progress, and outstanding reports can be made much easier with a simple filing system or even just a slight change of your morning routine. Delegating or asking for a favour can have positive repercussions both immediately and in time to come.

Whether you decide to invest in stationery, staff, or your everyday systems, it will always pay off to look ahead, and keeping sight of that final aim will mean the Monday of each week becomes the start of an exciting new phase in the grand scheme of your achievements.

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