magic5 on iPhones and iPads

We are very excited to be testing magic5 on iOS devices

It looks amazing on our iPads and iPhones but we need to make sure the existing functionality works properly with iOS-style buttons and navigation.  No matter how good it looks, we need to maintain the powerful flexibility of magic5 on Android.

Take a look at our screenshots below and, if you would like more information about magic5 on iOS or Android, contact us on 0117 9712050 or email to

Same magic5 functionality …

  • sending jobs from the office to the app
  • order-able lists including auto locations on maps, direct dial and finalised routes returned to the office
  • varied & powerful data collection including photos, specialised lists, signatures, scoring for results such as high/medium/low and much more
  • working offline – re-connect to send or receive updates


… plus brand new iOS changes …

Things are changing to fit with the iOS look-and-feel.  Still in the Alpha testing stage, we haven’t finalised everything but we are very excited about …

  • page navigation.  It has moved to the bottom of the screen with a pop-up menu instead of tabs, or the left/right arrows will take you through in order.  There is even an intuitive swipe.
  • document navigation with the Save and Cancel clearly displayed on the form in the same place as moving through menus
  • simpler colour pallet for a cleaner look with more white space, especially on the iPad, and a borderless boxes in keeping with the contemporary iOS look.
  • new icons, specially designed for use on the iPhone/iPad
  • seeing our first customers start their Beta trials over the next few weeks

… sending back to the usual magic5 portal …

  • organise, invoice and export data
  • link with CRM, charts, Sage and other third party software
  • output as PDF, Word document, Excel and other text/spreadsheet formats
  • flag status of report as complete, awaiting invoicing, invoiced, paid – anything you need
  • customer and other logins restricted to what they need to see/do

… and interchangeable with the existing Android app

Would you like to be a Beta tester?

If you would like to be part of the conversation about what colour the signature box should be and whether it is better to swipe or tap an arrow, email us at and we’ll get in touch with more details.


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