Instant Forms is now live!

We have now launched our Instant Forms app! Exciting times in the world of magic5, as we have been working hard to put together an app that allows you to use the best bits of the software, suited to a smaller business who still need to fill in forms and send reports on a daily basis.

Instant Forms can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. The user registers, and has access to whichever forms they wish – for example, Vehicle Inspection for Goods, or the Worksheet with Photos. From the app, they can add users, customers, and amend lists, as well as capture signatures and photos. Reports are sent automatically via email to a specified email address, alongside any additional email addresses entered in the form.

What exactly is different?

With our Professional and Enterprise software, you get all of the same features, but more flexibility and visibility. For example, you can send your staff a job, create your own forms, and set up follow-up actions for when certain criteria is selected on the form.

Instant Forms is a way of allowing businesses to still use magic5software, but on a much smaller scale. This means that sole traders, for instance, don’t have to pay a fixed monthly rate, but can instead use the form once a day and if they require extra, they purchase credits as and when they need them.

Credits are the currency within magic5software and generally, sending 1 report=1 credit. There are some forms that are much larger or may take a lot more of our man hours to develop, so these may be worth 2 or 3 credits – we always make this very clear though, so there are no hidden costs. When registering, the user is treated to 20 free credits and every month they are awarded 30 free credits, just to ensure that the user can have a play around with the software before it replaces their paper forms and so they are still able to use the software on a daily basis. The credits element is the biggest difference between Instant Forms and our Professional and Enterprise software.


As mentioned above, we want our software to be accessible to all types of businesses, from international car rentals to the chap who pops over to service the boiler. We are continuously developing new forms to fit certain criteria and cover specific legal guidelines so that we are able to provide a complete all-round system for anyone that needs it.

What next?

As our first release, we have made available the following forms:

  • Vehicle Inspection for Goods (for goods vehicles)
  • Vehicle Inspection for Passengers (for passenger vehicles)
  • Proof of Delivery (from food to electrical materials, your customer can receive a confirmation of where their goods are as soon as your operative arrives on site)
  • Confirmation of Verbal Instruction (CVI allows you to get written confirmation of a job)
  • Worksheet with Photos (obtain evidence of your work before and after completion)

We are aiming to release 5 more forms in the coming weeks, and what we already have lined up is centred on Health and Safety. However, if there is a certain form that you use on a daily basis, or if you currently fill out paperwork that you would like to use your mobile device to complete, we would love to hear your suggestions!

Email us at with your thoughts or any questions you may have.

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