Covid-19 checksheet

Hi.  I hope you are well and coping in these difficult times.

This is how we are all starting emails at the moment.  The hope is genuine  – that neither you nor your family have suffered from Covid-19, that you have an adequate income for the foreseeable future, and that you have not succumbed to the anxiety that is fluttering around in everyone’s head.

As we do not work in healthcare, teaching or social care, we at magic5 have felt powerless to contribute very much – apart from wearing our masks, keeping 2 metres away from everyone else and supporting local businesses.

Then we remembered that what we are good at is creating forms.

So we made a FREE form to help you stay safe as you emerge from lockdown and get your business back to normal.

Using the HSE COVID-19 Risk Assessment guideline document, we have created a form that you can use on your Android device.

With colourful buttons and guideline text from the HSE document, it is easy to look around your work area and record what you have already done, and note down what needs improvement.  If a question is just not relevant click the N/A button.

If an area needs more attention, click the middle button to show a screen pre-filled with HSE guidelines on how to make your workplace safer.  You can add your own ideas and timescales, as well as photos or images from your phone.

Tab pages cover Handwashing, Traffic, Proximity, Contact, Mental Health, Social Distancing, DSE at Home, Ventilation, Vulnerable Workers and PPE.

When you have finished filling in the form, press the save button at the top and it will be saved to the cloud where you can access it through the magic5 portal or receive it as an email.

Logging onto the portal is easy from your mobile device or on a PC/laptop.

Then you can view your completed Covid-19 report which shows your answers along with actions, timescales and photos.

This can be viewed by anyone who has a login, such as other managers, maintenance workers, or anyone who feels unsure about returning to work.

As tasks are completed or changed, they can be edited here, and additional PDF documents can be created.

A PDF document will already have been emailed to you, showing successful safety measures along with areas that need attention.  The PDF format is easily shared with staff, contractors and inspectors and can be printed out if that makes it easier.

This form is FREE.  Contact us or 0117 9712050.  Alternatively, sign up for the free trial of magic5 (no payment details required) and then contact us to have the Covid-19 form added to the existing vehicle checks, delivery notes, etc that are available to you.  The trial is usually for one month but we are extending it to support businesses learning new ways of working during the pandemic, and in particular for the Covid-19 risk assessment form.


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