All I want for Christmas is a paper free desk

I love Christmas in the office – reps bring in loads of chocolate, Christmas cards are all over the desks, ‘dress down day’ becomes Christmas jumper day and everywhere is full of jokes about who did what at the Christmas party 😳 . Many of us have customers who close for a few extra days between Christmas Day and New Year and this means the office is quiet – the phone stops ringing, emails stop pinging and the door stops swinging (I’m so sorry, I couldn’t resist).

There are lots of tips on making the best use of your time over the quiet spell, mostly focused on preparing for peak times: get the office neat and tidy; file all the loose bits of paperwork; add those hastily scribbled contact details to your address book, and track down a duster for the bits the cleaner won’t touch! And, once tidy, you can start chasing those long-outstanding invoices, post off the overdue reports, close the unsigned-off jobs and set up January’s planner so you are all ready for the first week of the New Year.

No-one enjoys de-cluttering their desks, especially when they know their family are slouching on the couch watching Finding Nemo and eating cold turkey sandwiches, but these things need to be done, and now is as good a time as any to execute the annual tidy up. Come the end of the week it is apparent just how much paperwork there is (and how little could be thrown away), and it’s taken two days to arrange your desk with the diary, the planner, the whiteboard and the printer all within reach.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the office was this immaculate all year round? Put magic5 at the top of your Christmas list and it can be.

No need to have every report, invoice, order, and set of guidelines lying around the office all year round – everything is stored online and is accessible from anywhere, so only print the things you need, if you need them.

Instead of buying expensive filing storage, boxes, and toner, spend money on things you want to spend money on (maybe give those Christmas party tequilas a miss though).

Once staff have completed a job, you will know before they have even packed up, and there is no better update than one that you receive straight away.

Automatic invoicing and sending reports mean they don’t pile up or get lost while you get on with your real job.

If you fancy finding out how magic5 can improve your business so you can start the New Year on an organised, productive note, email us or give us a call, and remember: it’s never too late to be good!

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