Can magic5 portal be used as a Management system?

We think the answer to that question is yes, absolutely.

And if you know what you need that isn’t already there, we can make magic5 do it for you.

More magic5 users are coming on board with our Sage link, using foreground and background two-way conversion.  This means that information added in magic5 (such as an enquiry) can be sent to Sage for financial processing (when work is confirmed) and information can be returned to magic5 (when payment is received) and sent out to the mobile devices.  The cycle can repeat when the report is received from the device and the final payment is due.

Access rights also make sure that information is only changed by authorised people.  Options to view or not view, edit or not edit, can be controlled by your needs.

magic5 is also setting up ClicData for more of our customers.  This provides a dashboard of information for in-house use or for communicating with your customers.

Automation means quicker processing and consistent results.  magic5 can automate so much including reports, lists, calculations, follow up jobs, emails and SMS messaging.

Using conditional automation with the Sage link offers a powerful impetus for a job with just the click of a button.  Maybe you charge more for a London postcode or less for repeat custom – magic5 can send a higher or lower figure to Sage.  Or change the invoice amount sent to Sage by selecting from a list of options such as Design & build, Build from design or Design only.

Control of items on site using lists of whatever you want – machines on service contracts, vehicles on hire, areas of damage, available beds, licenced operatives.  magic5 gives you control manually in the portal or automatically by updating from forms completed on the mobile device.

Document organisation is (dare I say it?) close to perfect.  Keep records of document stages, and copies of documents.  Keep records of correspondence stages, and copies of correspondence.  You define your own categories.  In the wrong place? – move it.  Wrong document? – delete it.  Old news? – archive it.

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