Batch up your on-site sign-offs

You’re busy and your customers are busy …

… it is hard to find 10 uninterrupted minutes to sign-off all the worksheets on a large site.

Especially when several jobs have been requested on a single site such as:

  • vehicle repair for fleet or rental management
  • snagging lists on construction sites
  • multiple occupancy maintenance/testing

That’s why magic5 developed Batch Sign-off

Fill in your form as usual and save.  The form will be flagged as Incomplete because it hasn’t been signed, and it will appear in your ‘Edit forms’ list.

It will also show a big red button in the Batch Sign-off menu.  You can select by Customer or Site to view a list of work ready for sign-off.

The list shows information chosen by you to support your customer to be comfortable with signing off your work.  And they, or you, can choose which ones are added to the batch before going ahead by ticking the appropriate box.  If they need further information you can show them the details via the Edit forms menu item.

Batch Sign-off List in magic5      Batch sign-off list in magic5 with selections   Batch sign-off list in magic5 ready for signing

When everyone is happy, select Sign Off from the context menu and it takes just a moment to sign off the whole batch.

Batch sign-off in magic5 - customer enters name and signs  Batch sign-off in magic5 - signed and ready to save

Some set-up is required to enable batch-sign off for a form but if you are confident within Maintain Templates this is easy to do yourself.   Give us a call or an email if you need help.

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