Two top-tips for Tuesday morning

Two questions I’ve been asked this week are:

  • how do I attach documents to my jobs, and
  • how do I reactivate or copy a completed job?

Both are everyday functions in many magic5 workplaces, and will be documented in the next release of the help text but here is a sneaky preview!

Some settings may need changing so drop us a line if you would like us to help.

Tip 1: Attachments for forms

  1. Whilst creating a job in the Office Portal, click on the ‘Attachments’ link and browse to choose the required document(s) from your computer.
  2. Save and you will be able to view the attachments in the jobs list.
  3. When the job is downloaded onto the device, the attached document will appear in the list and can be opened before even starting the job.  This is useful for maps or equipment/materials lists.
  4. Once the job has been started, the attached document can also be opened which is very useful for technical manuals, existing quotations and Health & Safety documents.  There is also a setting to force the documents to be opened, which is useful for compliance documents.

Tip 2: Reactivate or copy a job

  1. In the Office Portal, right click on a completed job and select ‘Save As …’
  2. A copy of the same job will appear, populated with the same details.  Check the details, make changes, add new attachments, allocate the new user, change date, etc and save.

I hope you found these tips helpful – let me know if there are other tips you would like in the future.

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