A Ghoulish Tale

Now that the days are getting colder and shorter, and the murky weather is forcing us all to stay inside, I thought I’d tell you a story for this month’s blog. So grab a cup of tea and a few biscuits (HobNobs if poss.), and get comfy for a little story time.

You must beware though… An October Blog comes with a frightful under-current, and this one involves a moral.

A few years ago my parents had a complete re-wire done on their house. They live in a large, crumbling Victorian property where lights would flicker on and off, smoke alarms would randomly scream, and the TV would disconnect on its own accord. The howling winds demanded additional electrical heating, which resulted in a musty, rotten smell filtering through the many cluttered rooms of the decrepit building.

The work would incur toe-curling costs, but needs must and my parents saw it as a necessity. Unfortunately, many local workers had been plagued by a mysterious illness that saw them bedridden for days on end, unable to function normally and they were often heard groaning and wailing in to the early hours of the night.

After weeks and months of suffering, my parents spotted an old, grubby looking notice advertising a new-to-the-area electrician who was prepared to brave the plague and stormy weather and fix the electrics.

Steve worked stooped over in the darkest depths of the property, muttering to himself and cursing all four corners of the room. He rarely ate or drank, and insisted he was left alone. My parents never saw him turn up or leave, and they were only aware of his presence when a loud cackle resonated through the building.

“Everything is finished. Tomorrow I will bring an invoice which you have 30 days to pay, otherwise… there’ll be consequences.”

He left with a swoosh of his coat, and disappeared in to the darkness of the evening.

Steve didn’t turn up the following morning.

Nor the next.

As time passed, the days brightened and so did everyone’s spirits. As if a curse had been lifted, everyone bounded around the house, full of health, and not a care in the world for a previously dreaded invoice.

No one heard from Steve for over a year and there were no more old grubby adverts in shop windows.

Until…one unusually dark and wet Friday evening…the doorbell rang.

Looking through the peephole gave no indication as to who might be there, only a large, dark silhouette and the occasional flicker of piercing white eyes. The blood drained from my Dad’s face as he gulped before opening the door slowly.

“Alright mate, I’ve just been cleaning out my car and I found my notes from your re-wire underneath the passenger seat. I hope you don’t mind, but here’s your invoice.”

The piece of paper floated to the ground, and for the last time, Steve turned and vanished. Never to be seen again.

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