Merry Christmas 2022

December 19, 2022

A quick catch-up on 2022 Over the past year the magic5 app has continued to develop on both Android and iOS to meet the needs of our onsite users. The magic5 office portal also has some new functionality - for instance, did you know that you can now use ENTER on most

Can magic5 help you reduce fuel costs?

August 10, 2022

  Do your onsite operatives still pop into the office to pick up paperwork?  Are jobs still written on pre-printed forms?  Do they pop back at the end of the day or week to drop off completed jobsheets? Have you ever considered the fuel costs of those extra journeys?  Sometimes it's not


April 13, 2022

Imagine going back to supermarket checkouts where every price is entered manually! In a few years time, we will probably be saying the same about other repetitive data entry tasks.  A few years ago estate agents were putting QR codes on For Sale signs and some adverts are doing the same

Christmas 2021

December 13, 2021

Looking forward to enjoying Christmas safely and making a happy, healthy and wise start to 2022. This year has been an exciting one for magic5 with the development of an iOS version of the app.  Its been interesting to learn how Apple sends out apps in a different way to Android

Connect Sage to iPhone or Android

July 5, 2021

More and more magic5 users are taking advantage of our Sage connector. Orders and invoices are managed using Sage's accounting expertise while work and reports are handled by magic5. For example, an online order feeds into Sage, creating a pick list and managing the invoicing process.  The driver receives a list of

magic5 on iPhones and iPads

March 17, 2021

We are very excited to be testing magic5 on iOS devices It looks amazing on our iPads and iPhones but we need to make sure the existing functionality works properly with iOS-style buttons and navigation.  No matter how good it looks, we need to maintain the powerful flexibility of magic5 on

Covid-19 checksheet

August 19, 2020

Hi.  I hope you are well and coping in these difficult times. This is how we are all starting emails at the moment.  The hope is genuine  - that neither you nor your family have suffered from Covid-19, that you have an adequate income for the foreseeable future, and that you

Not everybody likes statistics … but we all enjoy looking at a good graph.

April 22, 2020

  magic5 have been working with ClicData to display results collected on-site in a graphical form. Give your customers and managers a login so you don't have to prepare your periodic reports. Data is usually based on released reports so you can sanity-check the figures first if you like. Detailed data can be gathered

Rolling out a new tyre fitting company

March 9, 2020

We are pleased to have got another tyre fitting company up and running this month. Using ideas developed a few years ago with an existing customer, we got them working on the same day that they phoned us so that the on-call operative could log jobs during the night.  We spoke

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