Why magic5?

10 reasons why you'll love magic5

1. Paperwork done and sent to the customer before you’ve left the site

An onsite operative can collect essential information (including photos) and have it signed off and automatically emailed to the client before they have even packed up and left the site.

Don’t believe us? Watch our two-minute-forty-three-second video – yes, we know that it takes time to do the actual work, but that’s your department!

One of our customers tell us that they complete an inspection survey whilst up on the roof and tap save, sending off the report.  By the time they are back on the ground the client’s admin team are already viewing a PDF report of the survey, complete with photos.

2. Hundreds of users everyday

magic5 software has been used every day by a lot of companies since 2005, generating over 3 million electronic reports with hundreds of gigabytes of photos.

And some of those customers were so impressed we have formed joint ventures to sell the software in their industries. It just shows that as well as working well for them, magic5 software has inspired them to spread the word.

3. We care about our customers

Corny, but true – we really do care about whether you are getting the best from our software.  It’s not only because we are lovely – if you are getting good results you will find ways to use magic5 for other areas of your business and you will say good things about us to other people.

Our support is friendly and helpful so you don’t need to worry about contacting us if you’re having problems – when we solve your problem, we learn how to prevent the next person from having that problem at all.

4. There is already a company like yours using magic5

This means that we already understand a lot of what you need. We have customers in many different businesses and industries and have learnt that, while everyone does things a bit differently, many core processes and requirements are shared. There is a good chance that we already have a template and report format that you can customise to be exactly what you want.

5. Available from GoogleTM Play Store – FREE

Get it on Google Play

We understand that getting to grips with magic5 just to make a simple form isn’t very time-efficient so we have made some generic apps that can be downloaded from Play Store.  Watch the sample tutorial to see how easy it is to register and produce your first report.

6. Always evolving

Because we want to make our customers happy (see above) and because we get excited about new features (see above) magic5 is always getting bigger and better. And you can be part of the process by letting us know what you like, what you don’t like and what you think may be missing.

7. magic5 is flexible and customisable

magic5 has been built by nerds which means that we spend more time adding new features than we do on marketing our product – our loss but your gain!

If you ask whether magic5 can do a particular thing, there’s a high probability that it can.  And, if there isn’t a way to do it yet, you will probably have awakened the geek within us and we will rise to the challenge of making it happen.

Workflow engine monitored by office staff, although largely automated.

8. We’re a small company seeking to please our customers

We’re all familiar with complaints about large software companies that take their customers for granted or trying to squeeze more and more money out of them (we’ve worked for such organisations).  We’re a small company and each of our customers is very important to us.  Over the years very few customers have left us (usually for reasons outside our control) and if you contact us you can be sure that we’ll be trying to solve your problems for you.

9. Frequent updates

We’re not tied into a yearly release cycle or rigid product plans. If we need to update your system then we can do it in hours, or minutes if necessary.

10. Wide functionality all in one place

Many of the mobile functions in magic5 are available as individual products from other suppliers, but magic5 is the only one to integrate them all into a single customisable application with back office capabilities and automated workflow.
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