magic5 – the office view

creating jobs and reviewing reports

Dispatch jobs

  • Dispatch jobs directly to mobile devices from the office.
  • Include all the information needed for the mobile user to complete the job.
  • Add attachments such as documents, images, maps, diagrams and regulation updates.
  • Dispatch jobs singly, linked for dissemination to a team or set up in a hierarchical job structure.
  • Drag ‘n’ drop jobs on the graphical planner to allocate to dates and users – drag or double-click to amend.

Process reports

  • View completed forms within moments of being sent back by the mobile user (subject to data connection).
  • Instant HTML reports available for straightforward editing and releasing procedures.
  • PDF reports in just one click.
  • Filter reports by status, date, mobile user, customer, site location or template.  Some add-on packs allow more sophisticated filtering.
  • E-mail alerts can notify office staff when a report is available for review, including attachments such as PDFs and photos.
  • E-mail alerts can notify customers when a report has been released to them, including attachments such as PDFs.
  • Customers can also view reports online with a customer log-in (may require an add-on pack).
  • Export forms to Microsoft Excel or other third party applications for further processing (may require an add-on pack).

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