Mobile data management

Jobs, forms and reports with an office Portal giving real-time control of your on-site workforce

Send jobs to Android devices & receive forms & reports back all in one place. Readymade job sheets, signature capture, timesheets, onsite ordering, service/installation, emails, SMS, customer logins.
Already used in food hygiene, health & safety, construction, service/installation, biosciences, vehicle hire/repair, plumbing and heating.
Automatic links to Sage, Salesforce, Clicdata, in-house systems.

magic5 may have just what you need to work safely during Covid-19.

mobile app and web-based office portal ideal for remote working – operatives receive jobs and return completed forms & reports without going to the office. 

Covid-19 Risk Assessments have been created by existing customers, enabling quick & efficient checks before starting on a new site or with new staff.  Contact us for help setting up your own magic5 Covid-19 Risk Assessment based on the HSE template.

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magic5 Professional

Customisable forms for signatures, photos, etc with document management, CRM, invoicing & back-office system offering real-time control and visibility of your workforce.

£20.00 per user per month
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magic5 Instant Forms

Simple-to-use forms with signatures, photos, checklists, etc with PDF reports emailed automatically.

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magic5 Enterprise

This bespoke service maximises magic5’s potential to give you exactly what you need and as much control as you require with in-house or dedicated server space.

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Sage Link

Send orders & customer details from Sage to a mobile device and return details to Sage for invoicing.

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